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Setting up Mirth as Eclipse project

Posted in Computación with tags , , , , on 31/August/2015 by Alex Pérez

This is a mini-guide to setup Mirth as an eclipse project, in order to adapt some classes, build it from sources or explore the sources to learn how mirth is built. In fact, this is an enhanced version of my previous guide found in the wiki section of Mirth site. This new version has many screenshots of the configuration to provide an easier guide, and is adapted where needed to Mirth v1.8.1

Required software
To start the setup of eclipse project I’ll assume you have installed and configured:

You can install the appropiate version of subclipse from eclipse. You should go to Help item in eclipse menu, “Software Updates”, “Find and Install”:

“Search for new features to install”, and define a new repository location. Provide the appropiate URL to you eclipse version:

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Calling stored procedures from Mirth

Posted in Computación with tags , , , , , , on 27/October/2010 by Alex Pérez

Mirth JDBC reader/writer are well suited for simplest cases: only one SELECT and (optionally) a UPDATE for each row, but normally you need to use JDBC reader/writer with JS enabled.

Mirth JDBC API when using JS is very basic and does not allow easily deal with stored procedures: there are only executeCachedQuery() and executeUpdate(). If you’re lucky you can use executeUpdate() as long as your SP doesn’t use IN/OUT parameters or returns any resultset. Otherwise you should call the SPs in a java library and then invoke it from Mirth JS. Some time ago I documented how to call custom java classes from Mirth and this may be used to extend its database API. Continue reading

SOAP polling with Mirth

Posted in Computación with tags , , , , , , on 10/October/2010 by Alex Pérez

There are some recurrent problems when developing interfaces with Mirth, and one of the trickiest is SOAP polling. From early versions of Mirth there is a SOAP sender connector, but it doesn’t have any direct connector to poll a webservice. As far as I know polling is considered to be a near-antipattern, but under some circunstances you may be forced to use it if the integration counter-part is closed-source.

To read periodically from a WS you need to setup an interface with these connectors:

  • source: JS Reader
  • destination 1: SOAP Sender
  • postprocessor or destination 2: JS Writer (or any other destination-type with a JS Transformer inside) Continue reading